MPIRE 23 is not only a brand or a company name

 It is an idea

The Team

Our creative team

We are working on

We are working on a lot of different projects as we still want to learn new abilities in the different “departments” of life. 

And we would be happy if you have a quick look at them. 


The affiliate program

How to become an affiliate partner with MPIRE


Choose your way of contribution

If you are a graphic designer and you have some free times collaborating with our graphic designer, or you just want to have your art on a clothing line gifting it to friends or selling it to auditory. That’s how you can do it we will provide you with the materials prints, promo codes and you’ll be rocking and making our family bigger.

Are you famous on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc? Do you want to be a part of our family? Providing your auditory with eco-friendly clothes and lots of art trough our websites? Just give us a shout.

Whatever else you think might contribute to our mutual growth is more than welcome as an idea. Do not be ashamed to contact us we are open to expand in many different ways.