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Have you ever wondered how you can change the world?
Do you have the courage to do it?

Than why don’t you check out all the campaigns that we think could make some difference ? You can support them!

 It will take you just a few minutes to make some difference.

(We do not work with any of the organizations neither are we obligated nor connected. After personal research, we decided that this is our suggestion for you. If you have a cause or know some charity organization that needs a voice we will be more than happy to promote it on the blog of the website and our Instagram. To do so please contact us via e-mail!)

Chosen for you

It is not just a clothing brand

Take a moment to understand why

We can asure you that MPIRE23 will be your favorite clothing brand after you try our clothes out. They are created with a lot of love, so you can express yourself in the best way possible.

We are located in the UK and create designs that symbolize so many thing for us, with the hope to mean something to you as well.

Because art is always perceived in a personal perspective, this is how we want to be involved in everybody’s daily lifestyle.

There should be a video here, but we are very busy working on the products and the website now! It will be here soon!
Keep an eye!

MPIRE23 is a clothing brand that wants to set the balance of quality and price! 

We don’t want you to feel unappreciated! That’s why we always want you to get the best quality and deals. If you go to our instagram page you will see there a lot of giveaway post. It is super easy for you to enter them and win some of our dopest designs.

Most of you are going to win a discount code which will be appliable on your personal cart for minimum of 3 months for every order you make. 

Most of the fabrics that we are using for our products are eco-friendly and we will do even better as we grow, to prevent the pollution done from plastic and clothing materials.

We also have suggestions of petitions from different websites, where you can participate and actually change the world step by step.

Once again, you can enter our giveaways through the Instagram posts @mpire.23 or just to the bottom of this page. By clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button, you enter the monthly giveaways and win discount coupon which will last 6 months.

Why our clothing brand?

What we also do

We also created a website in which we will be uploading lots of stuff connected to art (music videos, beats, drawings, designs), etc and this website will allow you to download whatever you like and use it wherever you need to. Basically royalty-free beats/instrumentals/pictures/sketches etc. 

There is no catch we will be filtering adverts that are going to be opened by you after you click the download button, but all of them will be checked and be appropriate for your cookies!

The platform will start off as a website and everything will be uploaded there even you will be able to register yourself and upload your art there! So do not hesitate to write to us in our emails. We will get back to you shortly! 

When the money generated from ads is enough to cover the hosting expenses on its own we will start donating 30% to organizations that you suggest on our email or Instagram page.

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Just send us an email by clicking HERE… And we will explain you in details what we need you to do and how you can earn with us.